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H3 Hummer Master Series Hard Spare Tire Cover w/SS Band
H3 Hummer Master Series Hard Spare Tire Cover w/SS Band
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Product Name:H3 Hummer Master Series Hard Spare Tire Cover w/SS Band
Our Price:$
Availability:In Stock
Product Number:SSR-s/RTCH3-s-c-H3
Product Weight:90 lb.

 Product Detail

H3 Hummer Master Series Spare Tire Cover features a molded plastic face plate and locking band that covers the tread. The completely hard plastic and locking band provide a finished look to your H3 and peace of mind knowing your spare tire has serious protection from the elements and would be thieves. Approved by GM. An alternative to other tire covers which can cost $900 or more. Also available without Hummer Logo. Available in all H3 colors. Weight shown is dimensional weight LxWxH/166.

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