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Product Name:H3_Hummer_Cold_Air_Induction_System
Our Price:$383.91
Availability:In Stock
Product Number:15635
Product Weight:15 lb.

 Product Detail

H3 Hummer Cold Air Induction System by Volant. This H3 Hummer Air induction system is the preferred system that dealers install at their dealerships. Save yourself a lot of money and install it yourself. Easy installation instructions. The H3 V6 3.5 Liter is a great engine but it is under powered. Volant put the vehicle to the test and built a new straight thru air duct and reinstalled the stock sensor in the precise position. Volant's venturi filter adapter is also used on this system and together it produces an extra nine horsepower. Features: Volant Filter Box: Cross-link polyethylene filter box is engineered to a specific design. It insulates and protects the filter from pulling hot air from the engine compartment thus increasing horsepower. Volant Air Duct: Cross-link polyethylene air ducts are sculptured to give the engine a less restrictive air pass to breathe. Larger diameters, unique bends and smooth transitions gives you maximum horsepower and awesome throttle response. Volant Ram Filter: Cleanable and reusable high grade filter media reduces air restriction and increases engine output. Precision pleat geometry optimizes airflow throughout the intake system. Embossed polished aluminum lid with high grade neoprene foam backing. **Part is special order from the manufacturer, no returns accepted.** High Performance Silicon Connectors: High performance silicone hose connectors provide flexibility while maintainsing strength and thermal stability. Stainless Steel Clamps: Marine grade clamps allows optimal performance with a large operating range and are suitable for virtually any application which requires maintainability and versatility.

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